Grow Green Match Day is
April 22, 2020
Grow Green Match Day
Grow Green Match Day is
April 22, 2020
Grow Green Match Day is
April 22, 2020

Guardians Endowed Fund


Our Mission: To help men with immediate financial needs live with hope and dignity.


Helping men with limited resources and immediate financial needs within the greater Manhattan, Kansas area by providing access to funds for essential services not met by traditional funding sources, so they have the opportunity to live self-sufficiently, with hope, and with dignity. 


In the fall of 2013 a group of nearly 75 dedicated and caring men formed The Guardians ( The formation of this group was prompted by the growing success of the Fairy Godmothers (, a Manhattan, KS area organization dedicated to helping women with financial needs.

The Guardians established three Funds within the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation. One for operations, one for grants and one to establish an endowment. The earnings from the endowed fund, donations from fundraising events, and gifts directed to the Grants Fund provide flexible, accessible monies to address the short term and critical needs of men not being met by traditional funding sources.

The Guardians provide grants up to $600. Past grants include buying tires so a man can get to his job or providing a bed for an elderly man. A list of all the approved grants can be found on the Guardian web site Home page. Guardian members are kept informed of grants provided, fundraising progress, and upcoming events by monthly email notifications and website announcements.          


555 Poyntz Ave. Ste. 269
Manhattan KS 66502
Phone: 785-587-8995

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