Grow Green Match Day is
April 22, 2020
Grow Green Match Day
Grow Green Match Day is
April 22, 2020
Grow Green Match Day is
April 22, 2020

No Stone Unturned Foundation, Inc.

Specific Need

Continued gold standard collaborative team based therapies, Autism Diagnostic testing and applied behavioral analysis.


Education in the community/Focus Groups- Our focus will continue this next year to take on and provide education within the community by adding more enrichment, information and group based classes.  We currently host quarterly seminars lead by skilled therapists and doctors that focus on special needs topics and mental health awareness issues. Our goal is to continue to provide these at low cost or no cost to the community, while giving the most beneficial evidence based information for wellness.

Support Groups-Monthly seminars and focus groups to help families and the children within these populations. 

Seminars/Camp- Providing continuing education to families. Offering monthly classes and topics free or at low fee cost. Summer 2019 No Stone will be piloting a summer enrichment camp for kids and siblings that focuses on group and peer immersion using arts, music, and themed sessions.  Collaboration with Kansas State University Music, Theatre, Art and Special Education Departments.  This requires a higher ratio of skilled care therapists and technicians to children in order to promote learning and development.

Outreach- March 2019 we launced our Sensory Swimming Program.  3 eight week sessions offered in two sessions will teach 18 special needs children water safey, floating and swim skills in a one to one ratio of care.  No Stone will continue with our fall Halloween Event and our winter “Sensitive Santa” holiday event. Offering low stimulation, noise, lighting and gentle immersion for photo opportunities for trick or treating and visits with Santa.  Now in our fourth year, this simple but overlooked activity has given parents and families of children with disabilities not only an activity with crafts, healthy snacks, games and prizes but a sometimes a first ever family picture with Santa.

April 13, 2019 we hosted our fourth annual Autism Walk and Community Family Carnival. Bringing awareness while using a super hero theme, we offered games, a photo booth, community support/vendors, bubbles and balloon animals, popcorn, bounce houses, fire trucks, emergency vehicles and local and regional resources for families.

We have initiated talks and partnership with local and state law enforcement to offer autism and special needs awareness and public safety training this October 2019.  Working with a professional speaker, former police officer and father of an autistic child he specializes in de-escalation and identification of persons with disabilities.  We are sponsoring and co-hosting sessions in Kansas City, Manhattan/Ft. Riley, Salina, and Wichita.  With increased interest from other state and local first responders as we offer collaboration. This self-proclaimed “Autism Cop” teaches, consults and bridges the gap between first responders, parents and children.  We aim to pilot in Manhattan and other participating communities a “Take me Home” program that is designed to assist during contact with anyone who may not be able to communicate but has a disability, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome, deafness or any other developmental delay. This volunteer enrollment and registration program is a database that utilizes facial recognition, personal information, detailed physical descriptions, routines, favorite attractions, triggers and stimulants that can be quickly accessed providing critical information during elopement, emergency or escalation situations.

Scholarships- Currently a daily visit to either facility (often seeing multi-disciplines) incurs a cost of between $120-$140.00/per day.  Depending on insurance carriers and write off allowed or self-pay, seeing one therapist twice a week for 3 months can cost up to $4,000.00.  With 44 family assistance requests that financial number is staggering.  We designed a screening protocol for these cases to provide fair evaluation for supplemental needs.  The grant need is immense and we want to continue to try to offer monetary assistance to those families thus allowing services to continue for our population. 

Marketing/Publicity Costs-Marketing will continue to be necessary to reach a broader audience via radio, billboards, newsprint, community fairs/booths and printed literature, we have also expanded our web presence and outreach with e newsletters and video testimonials. Our goal is to increase support programs, awareness and outreach within Riley and surrounding Counties.

Operational Costs- Start-up costs incurred for adding above programs, training, set up, marketing, literature, supplies, sensory room equipment, staff and space use fees. 


Foundation and TLC Mission:  

Embracing, engaging, and empowering children with special needs and their families, with a major focus on any child with any disability.  



Everything the No Stone Unturned Foundation does is driven by the belief that children with all types of disabilities and their families deserve access to the services they need. The No Stone Unturned Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) in Manhattan is a team of pediatric specialists, including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and applied behavioral therapists who provide collaborative care that meets the unique needs of each individual child.





Updates about the TLC

January 2019 we celebrated our 6thyear.   We average 280 children and families per month which equaled 20,558 therapy sessions in 2018, drawing from 17 counties in Kansas. As of June 5, 2017 the TLC operates as 100% non-profit, solely under the direction and care of the No Stone Unturned Foundation.


- Professional staff includes 17 Therapists, 16Technicians and 4 clerical staff.


- In September 2017 the Center expanded into a new location in the Medical Arts Building E, Suite 230, occupying 8,980 square feet.


-Primary Diagnosis seen:  Language 37%; Autism 29%; Delayed Milestones 12%; Neurological 9%; Physical 8%; ADHD 3%; Downs and Cerebral Palsy 2%.


- Our Collaborative Care Therapy Services include: 

      Occupational Therapy

      Physical Therapy

      Speech Therapy

      Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

      Feeding and Vital Stem for Swallowing 

      Vision, Toilet Training, Postural Control, Balance, Toe Walking


-Offering additional services in:

      Sensory Integration Therapy

      Feeding Therapy

      Swallowing Therapy

      Assistive Communication (AAC) Devices

      Social groups

-Our Programs:

      Quaterly Education Series, Swimming Lessons, Autism and Special Needs Awareness Carnival, Halloween Event, Sensitive Santa.





Photos & Videos

Embracing, Engaging and Empowering
Embracing, Engaging and Empowering
Stone our namesake and Marlee
Stone our namesake and Marlee


P.O. Box 654
Manhattan KS 66505
Phone: (785) 320-7093

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